Position title: Social Media Marketing intern


Posting Date: 11/25/2014

Description: Do you wake having your phone on your hand? Is the first thing that you do is checking updates on Facebook or Twitter or Linkedin? Do social media and mass media excite you? Then you are a great fit for this internship possibility.

We are Non-Profit organization with a mission to help our beautiful Mongolian women to succeed and grow in their personal and professional field. Especially ones, who are living abroad. 
If that sounds interesting to you and if you think you will be able to make difference through social media, please look into this opportunity.

We are looking for social media/mass media specialist intern, who can help our organization for next 3-4 month of time frame. You will be mostly responsible for creating an awareness of Empower Women annual conference not only in the US but also in Mongolia. Increasing our network through different communication channels including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin but not limited to it.

Have to be working on your Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Preferably specializing in Social Media/Digital Media Marketing
Very outgoing (extravert), self-initiative, and goal oriented
Basic bilingual writing skill is required with preferable video-editing skill
Strong communication and interpersonal skill.
However, there are not any financial incentives for working with our team, it is a appealing opportunity to build lots of skills that you will be needed for your professional field along with building strong professional network in the US and in Mongolia. I am proud to say that it is a great project to work remotely in most of the time and in person during the conference for short period of time.
I can promise that you will enjoy and learn by working with us.

Please submit your resume along with cover letter via email at Энэ и-мэйл хаягийг спамнаас хамгаалж байгаа бөгөөд үзэхийн тулд JavaScript идэвхтэй байх хэрэгтэй.

Looking forward hearing back from you

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